Friday, 17 February 2012


From Yanko Design (The DREADCO of the design world), comes the Swish:  A specialised nappy washing machine built with pleasing Blessed Gaia first and getting the washing done second.  It's solar powered, of course, uses eco-friendly "soap nuggets" (detergent is an abomination in the sight of Lord Summerisle) and dumps the poo and urine-laden waste water into the nearest pot plant.  Yes, it's substandard washing (if it starts at all with that tiny photovoltaic panel) and is guaranteed to kill your plants after the first spin cycle.

It's also only big enough to take only ONE nappy at a time, so do ask your little cherub to refrain from pooing more than twice a day.


eon said...

From the looks of it, it's about the same size as those remote-control "robots" that were all the rage in the Nineties. You know, the ones which were mainly only good at agitating the peek-a-poo and giving the cat a nervous breakdown.

That may be this thing's only actual function, as well.



Neil A Russell said...

I saw the word "swish" and the grass in the picture and thought first this was some kind of golfer's aid.
Turns out to be something even sillier, though going at it with a Callaway Bertha would be rather satisfying