Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Presenting the new London rubbish bins that will cost the taxpayers only £1,100 a pop.  They have wifi, they have an LCD screen begging to be vandalised and they're bomb proof.  The one thing they can't do is accept rubbish unless it's the size of an envelope to get through that ludicrous little slot.

My head hurts.

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eon said...

Rather like the super-giant-sized Swiss Army Knife, the designers seem to have lost sight of what a rubbish bin in actually for.

As for being bombproof, I doubt it. (I know a bit about HE, and what can be done with even improvised concoctions.)

On the other hand, if they really are tough enough, they might come in handy in places like New York and LA, because they could serve as handy breastworks in event you get caught in the middle of somebody or other's drive-by "disagreement" over turf, music preferences, & etc.