Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mobile Kitchen Unit

Nicely compact, I must admit, but if you're going to go this minimal, you might as well go for a gas ring and a camping mess kit (steel, not aluminium) with a canvas roll for the utensils and be done with it.

By coincidence, that's exactly what I used at Oxford back in the '80s.


eon said...

it really needs to be a DC unit with an AC adaptor. Plus a cigarette-lighter plug for any car that still has one.

I can see survival situations where being able to cook over a smokeless heat source could be very useful. Just don't burn the eggs.



Sergej said...

Meh. Trangia stove and a stainless pot (so you can clean up with wood ash and the grease that's already in it). Just remember to pour the methanol in the stove and the ethanol into yourself, and not the other way around.

Ironmistress said...

This looks like an ideal travel kit. I could well see this employed for boating or camping. It is safer to use electricity in confined spaces for cooking than open flame.

Granted, you can get better tasting meals with LPG stove than electric.