Monday, 13 February 2012

“Go to Europe and America and get a good education.”

Bin Laden's final banner
Osama Bin Laden seems to have so given up on his dreams of conquest that he was advising his grandchildren to head for the land of the Great Satan to better themselves. Not that this has damped the ardour of Jihadists waging war from the US to Syria.

If the civilised world has any brains, they'll be playing the propaganda value of  this revelation for all it's worth.  If we're going to win this war, it will only be if the enemy on all fronts is humiliated and demoralised.


eon said...

Well, I view UBL's conversion to "peaceful coexistence" with an entire salt-cellar's worth of NaCl, for starters.

I suspect what he was saying was, "Don't fight the Holy Jihad as I did- find a more effective method". Meaning, learn how to fight the Evil West with its own weapons.

As several of the posters on WRM's blog pointed out, an Islamic youth coming to the West to attend college will be going to schools chock-full of the Western "enlightened elite'"- who hate the West even worse than the average jihadist does. They will be told about the evils of our civilization, and taught to celebrate jihad as a "true becoming" of their own superior culture. (Multiculturalism 101- All Cultures Are Equal, Except That The West Isn't, Being Inherently Bad.)

They can also go to MIT, CalTech, etc., and learn how to build A-bombs, create biowar agents, etc., which actually work and probably won't go off before they want them to.

I suspect that UBL was simply applying Lenin's theory of the capitalist and the rope to the Jihad. "Go to the West, learn what they can teach- and then destroy them with that knowledge."

And our own "thought leaders" will be eager to help. Count on it.

Even Sauron needed Saruman. For a while, anyway.



jayessell said...

His advice was "Go West young man"?

Horace Greeley is often credited with this famous quote actually made by John B. L. Soule.

Sergej said...

I can see this either as eon, or the article itself. eon's take: we see no evidence that jihadis disdain the use of cartridge firearms, or modern explosives, or remote control equipment to set off said explosives, or aircraft to turn into missiles. Article, toward the end: so Osama thought his progeny would stand a better chance in the whole Darwin thing if it didn't blow itself up to murder the infidel---clever of him to see this of course, but it doesn't mean he gave the same advice to people who were not his relatives.

eon said...


True. And when Soule said it (to his nephew), he was in NYC, and answering his nephew's question about whether he should take up an offered newspaper job- in Cincinnati, Ohio. Soule's definition of "the West" and "growing up with the land" had nothing to do with the actual frontier.


We agree. considering UBL's family (coming from the Islamic world's version of the Fortune 500), he was probably stating that while others must Blow Everything Up to create the Caliphate, he intended that his own progeny actually be around to run it.

Well, at least it shows that at the end, he may have acquired a bit more long-term planning ability than he and his minions had shown previously. Which was about at the level of the Underpants Gnomes from "South Park".