Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Your green lesson of the day

Much easier to hit than a pigeon
When trying to spy on suspected pigeon hunters it is,

  1. Extremely stupid to use a flying camera drone because pigeon hunters have shotguns and know how to use them.
  2. Monumentally stupid to then complain to the press with an air of self-righteousness that makes you come off looking like no end of a pratt.


Cthel said...

I think the link's wrong; it takes me to the picture from the "Rinspeed" article

David said...

Link fixed

Cthel said...

Looks like they should have invested in a mast mounted sight for that thing.

Or just, you know, a periscope?

eon said...

Shooting at an annoying RPV is, strictly speaking, vandalism. But the self-satisfied, holier-than-thou "animal friends" seem to pride themselves on how obnoxious they can be to grotty humans, so it's not surprising nobody else cares that their shiny new toy got broken.



Cthel said...

What's the legal position on using an RPV to spy on someone on private property? I would have thought it was quite a serious offence.

Plus, filming without a permit/ filming people in a private place without their permission.

Sergej said...

Cthel: yes, two wrongs do indeed not make a right. I'm sure the judge would say something like that if the hunters turned themselves in after this incident, instead of running off, presumably giggling like schoolgirls. Or, what the judge would say after he himself stopped belly-laughing.