Friday, 24 February 2012

Crazy, messy accident waiting to happen



Cthell said...

"Provide a feeling of swimming in space"? I've seen bathtubs you could swim further in

I'm not opposed to the basic idea, but the pool in that image is absolutely tiny (and a stupid shape); a larger pool would also reduce the risk of accidental plummeting.

However, it would seem to waste a lot of space in the building, what with the 5ft thick ceilings it requires

eon said...

This looks like something out of a comic book. Say, "Nexus" by Baron & Rude. (They had a thing for architectural silliness.)

It would go over big with Lex Luthor or The Penguin, though. Imaging Superman swooping in, or Batman or Catwoman swinglining down- only to land in five feet of water with a resounding SPLAT.

Very off-putting.



Cthel said...


Hmmm... you could be onto something there. I wonder if they're available with Piranha? (or better yet, sharks with frikking laser beams on their heads!)