Monday, 27 February 2012

AIRE mask

Now you can charge up your iPod just by breathing.

Or you may have notice that thing in the wall that the charger plugs into.  Apparently, the designer is unaware of it.


eon said...

Even in the boonies, a solar charger makes more sense.

The only application I can see is in the Arctic regions, if you need to charge your gadget during the six months' night. And if you're primary concern is worrying about charging your toy when it's -60 F outside, your priorities need serious re-examination.



Sergej said...

On the other hand, at least this one doesn't have a tendency to fly apart, scattering huge chunks of death-blade over the landscape, when the wind gets too high. Or you know, to make birds into little clouds of feathers and a cut-off squawk.


Ironmistress said...

I could well imagine this working at camping, boating or elsewhere where you either do not have current or where you are on the mercy of battery and every amp counts.

Snore power?