Thursday, 16 February 2012

Obama tries to stamp out heresy

Mr Barack Hussein Obama's trampling on religious freedom by demanding that the Catholic church pay for the contraceptives it opposes by doctrine is nearly as bewildering as Mr Soetoro's counterattack when he was called on it.  Glenn Reynolds has the best take on this:
It’s as if we passed a law requiring mosques to sell bacon and then, when people objected, responded by saying “What’s wrong with bacon? You’re trying to ban bacon!!!!

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eon said...

I suspect even The One didn't see this coming. Either the chance to force the Catholic Church to commit heresy by its own definitions, or the firestorm that resulted when He did it so blatantly.

I think it's partly just one more case of His fundamental cluelessness about anybody and anything outside the faculty lounge, plus the fact that, once more, we have to remind ourselves that inside that lounge, this just isn't controversial. Beating up on Christianity is considered part and parcel of the Great Work of remoulding Evil Western Civilization (TM) into an egalitarian, "sensitive", "compassionate" socialist state run by the "enlightened elite'". None of whom would be caught dead in a church unless it was for a photo op.

I suspect it didn't even occur to the Messiah that the Catholic Church might be even a bit put out by this; in fact, He probably didn't realize in advance that O-Care, as written, would result in exactly this situation. After all, He probably didn't bother to read it, anymore than Pelosi or Reid did.

But now that it's happened, He's probably not all that perturbed. Any excuse to kick a Christian church is a good one, as far as the left is concerned, and this just makes Him more popular with His core constituency over on that side.

As for making Islamic congregations violate their tenets; surely you jest. They are, after all, representatives of the inherently superior, mystical, Eastern worldview this lot is so enamored of. Why would they want to offend their deeply-held beliefs?

(But Israel probably better watch out. Their deeply-held beliefs aren't that "respectable", by this bunch's definition.)