Tuesday, 7 February 2012

R J MacReady, call your service

This will not end well
Russian scientists breach an Antarctic lake that has been sealed for 14 million years.  So far, that makes for a passingly interesting story until these sort of bits show up in the Popular Science story (emphasis added):
The team is apparently alive and well despite a week of suspicious radio silence,.
Last week we thought that might happen again–if anyone could even hail the scientists–because conditions are getting worse, but no one heard from the team in several days. Then on Monday, the Russian news agency announced the team's success.
But scientists want to reach it because it could hold weird forms of life that survive in deep cold and with no sun.

Sealed for 14 million years? Weird life forms? Base cut off by bad weather? Lost radio contact? Then the team calmly says that everything's fine?

Send in the flame throwers!

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eon said...

Oh, (bleep).

Never mind the flamethrowers. Call Miskatonic U's Hard Metaphysics Department, quick.