Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Amazing Anti-Thief Security Case

From a time when security devices had much more entertainment value.


Tom said...

I would buy one just to give those thieving TSA people and those thieving baggage handlers a hard time. (I nave lost items to both.)

eon said...

Today, of course, the thief could sue you for skinned knuckles.

I'd like to see one loaded with the kind of rapidly-expanding, highly-sticky riot foam the Metropolitan Police were going to use in case of Y2K problems. When it goes off, the case is stuck to the thief, and both are stuck to the sidewalk. It also had a strong yellow dye included.

Even better would be an additive that would dissolve the thief's clothes, as well. A nearly-naked guy, with bright yellow skin, stuck to the pavement by a pile of yellow foam would be something I doubt even TSA could miss.