Monday, 3 October 2011

Right idea, wrong solution

The Home Secretary has gone on record saying that the tyrant's charter known as the Human Rights Act should be scrapped.

Even if it's just party conference blather, which I suspect it is, at least the idea is out there and like an ember the breath of liberty can be blown on it.  Unfortunately, the Telegraph story has this fly in the ointment:
The Coalition has set up a commission of human rights experts to report on the possibility of bringing in a British Bill of Rights to replace the Act by the end of next year.
Will someone please remind those fatheads in government that we've already had a Bill of Rights since 1689?  We don't need more idiot tinkering by a load of post-modern mental midgets with the souls of dried-out prunes.  We need to get back the liberties are our birthright as free-born Englishmen.  Our American cousins understood this in 1776.  We need to learn this lesson in 2011.


eon said...

Don't expect the new version to have that subversive bit about the people's right to keep and bear arms for their own defense.

In fact, don't expect it to have much about the "people's" rights, period. It will more likely be a list of the government's "guarantees" of "rights" it believes the people should have, like health care, etc.

Subject to government approval, and supervision, of course.



Sergej said...

"The Coalition has set up a commission... to report on the possibility of bringing in..."

Don't expect a new version, period.