Monday, 3 October 2011

Intelligent cork

Yanko Design (the DREADCO of the design world) comes up with an intelligent wine cork that displays all sorts of information about the open bottle of wine in your fridge.

The only thing I don't understand is all that use-by date nonsense.  Drink inside a week?  Don't they know how dangerous it is to leave wine sit after it's been opened?


Anonymous said...

The best before date is there because of the aerobic fermentation of ethanol into acetic acid.

Once a wine bottle is opened and air rushes in, the aerobic bacteria begin to ferment ethanol into acetic acid. If the stopper is not airtight, instead of wine you will have a bottle of vinegar.

Since not too many of us wish to drink vinegar (but rather use it for salad dressing), the best before date makes perfec sense. It is the date when the concentration of acetic acid becomes irritably strong for the palate.

David said...

And the joke flies right over the head, never to be seen again.