Thursday, 28 April 2011

Another minor detail

Lord Summerisle approves.
Yesterday, we looked at a BBC report on the Casio F-91W that tried to make the Americans look like a load of barking mad paranoids for regarding the digital watch as an indication of Jihadist connections–but nearly "forgot" to mention that the timepiece is a bomb-making component.

Now the Beeb tries the same trick in two days with a hearts and flowers profile of a former police officer who went undercover to investigate a group Blessed Gaia worshipers Marxist Luddites environmentalists and now finds himself persecuted for being a human being with a conscience who was just trying to "understand the issues".

Mind you, there is that one sentence in paragraph 20 where the little Quisling admits to talking to the group's defence team, thereby damaging the Crown's case beyond repair, but that's such a minor point.

At least, to the BBC.

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eon said...

My guess is, if the H.O.was fool enough to brief the Beeb in on the op, someone there already ratted the PC out to the Ludds.

It's the right thing to do, in their NSHO. Right up there with cozying up to every Islamist group they can hand their phone number out to.