Friday, 13 May 2011

We're back

Blogger has finally come back on line, but too late for today's entries.

Anyone up for a spot of torches and pitchforks?


eon said...

I prefer tar and feathers. Especially because for the last several days;

1. Blogger has refused to post my posts, demanding I sign up for a Google account instead.

2. When I did, it still refused my posts, claiming the "process could not be completed".

3. When that hurdle was cleared, it dumped my posts if I tried to preview them. (Now you know why I've had an unusually high number of typos.)

4. I'll be very surprised if this post shows up on the first b****y try.

5. In a word- arrghhh.

cheers (with grinding teeth)


jayessell said...

Now let's see you address the Safari/Veoh feud where Mac OS X doesn't recognize internet addresses starting with "veoh2:".

jayessell said...

Thanks for converting it to a link.
It's the site that's evil.
Popunders and still unplayable.