Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Troy Tempest, call your service

French shipbuilder DCNS is developing a new class of submarines dubbed the SMX-25. Its radical design is intended to give it the edge in anti-ship actions.

And here at EI, we have exclusive footage of the SMX-25 in action.


eon said...

Even allowing for the trolling motors p/s, this critter will probably sound like an old Russian Whisky Long Bin class diesel boat when running at any speed above dead slow while dived. And the WLB sounded like a freight train on passives.

Even anechoic coatings designed to defeat a Yankee search aren't much use if your external config is a scrub noise generator. And this critter looks made to order as a noisemaker in that department.

Also, exactly whose "convoys" are they figuring on going after? The only people likely to be vulnerable to a guerre' de course would be, umm, Western or Allied governments, like the US, or UK, Japan, etc.

Which means the most likely customers for this thingie would be people who don't like us. Or, for that matter, France. Like Iran, whose navy likes to attack oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz.

I hope they buy some, and spend a lot of money on same. They'll make great targets for MK 48 ADCAPS and Tigerfish. From a "slow, outmoded" SSN of the USN or RN.



Daniel said...

hmmm... surface piercing, slab-sided sail, high speed...

I for one would not like to be abord during any sort of high sea state