Monday, 9 May 2011

Tripods: The only truly "green" technology.

Shale gas holds out the promise of clean, abundant energy that could last the world for centuries.

The Environmentalists hate it with the same unbridled passion that they do nuclear and conventional energy sources, so it must work.  Meanwhile, the worshipers of Blessed Gaia, as opposed to proper Conservationists, unveil their vision of our future–after the slow, horrible deaths of six billion people by famine, of course.

Video replaced with link because the embedded player wouldn't play nice

If the  hard-core "Greens" had their way, this would be our future–right down to the Caps.

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jayessell said...

My obsolete Mac's Safari says Veoh is double plus ungood due to not beginning with 'www' or 'http'.

Anyone else?

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