Thursday, 26 May 2011

Space Coast Guard

Should the United States establish a Space Coast Guard?

Only if they're issued Forbidden Planet-style uniforms and required by regulations to say things like "Jumping planets!" and "Go space yourself!" at regular intervals.


eon said...

Plus Colt-Vickers Disintegrator Guns. They have to have blasters.

And sarcastic robots built like the Michelin Man. (Hatches will of course be enlarged to accommodate same.)



Chris Lopes said...

I prefer a space guard that has colorful side kicks who provide comic relief and hot blonds in miniskirts. :)

wa2flq said...

Think Big - establish Starfleet under the Auspices of some large interplanetary organization. Use the the United Nations as a model for some galactic Federation.

Oh wait....revise that... create Starfleet, use it to smoke the United Nations, then create the Federation to promote Human Hegemony across the Galaxy.