Monday, 9 May 2011

Another nail

The hammer hasn't fallen yet, but the MoD is once again threatening to disband the Red Arrows so that fit young layabouts and crazed Jihadist imams can keep getting their sacred giro cheques.

Maybe they should consider cutting something that might save a bit more money than the Red Arrows' £8 million.  Might I suggest the £9 billion sent to the European Empire EU every year for nothing in return except tyranny?

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Anonymous said...

i have long thought red arrows should be disbanded..but not for monetary reasons! the displays and pre display flying has become increasingly arrogant with no thought for folk on ground..not the ppl watching..but those below flight path. i have witnessed folk in ferndown...gosport and other towns terrified..especially kids...and dogs..cattle and other animals panic as they scream overhead...almost touching rooftops. day before this year's crash...i predicted it would happen at i wish i'd been is pure jingoism in these bad times...the massive sum spent to keep arrows airborne is much needed elsewhere. one psychologist has commented this new generation of pilots has been raised on ps3 and xbox etc culture...and fact no accidents can happen on a console can be sub consciously for thought? ppl in crete where pre season flying is done are also not too happy.. GOD BLESS the pilot and family..but perhaps this is a message to be heeded?