Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Atomic planes

Dark Roasted Blend looks at atomic aeroplanes.

And it wasn't confined to plastic models either.


jayessell said...

The Atomic Atomic Bomber.

By the way...

There was an episode of The Avengers or a low budget British spy movie where the 'McGuffin' of the script was a magical radiation sheild alloy.
3/8 inch was the equivalent of 24 inches of lead.

(In one scene the guy could actually touch it with no more than a scorched finger.)

(That can't have been Terry Thomas, can it??)

The test bed aircraft in the film was propeller driven. (They probably had more stock footage of prop planes or could actually rent one.)

Anyone recognise what film I'm talking about?

David said...

Where the Bullets Fly (1966), staring the underrated Tom Adams as Charles Vine.

eon said...


You had to love the atomic-powered Dakota in that one.

Not to mention the MP who thought it was a Comet.



Ironmistress said...

Now this is an even more sicker idea. An atomic airship.

You can get both Lakehurst and Chernobyl at price of one!

jayessell said...

As soon as the government money dried up the project became unworkable, unfeasible and uneconomical.


Build the nuclear power plant with shielding, and scale up the rest of the plane until it constitutes less than 20% of the weight of the plane.
Did they consider making the wingspan 3500 feet?
They'd need a 50 mile long runway.
Steam powered props and turbines?
Something like SHEILD's Helicarrier or Capt.Scarlet's Cloudbase?
Let 747s dock with it.
Land on it.