Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Revolutionary figures

What have they got against Thoreau?
For only £145 Mountain Research will send you this lovable set of Thoreau, Marx, Lenin, and Mao action figures.  Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Gulag play set sold separately.


Wesley said...

"Mountain Research"? Okay, their DAFs (Dictator Action Figures - Maybe Henry Thoreau shouldn't be rolled in there, but there he is, courtesy the Mountain Researchers -) are dressed up for mountain climbing; they even have their packs. If Mountain Research is trying to tell us the world would be better off had at least three out of four of those characters actually gone mountaineering, instead of doing their durndest to ruin billions of lives, I'd tend to agree.

Does the kit come with little signs and slogans to incite the proles?

Bryan said...

My GI Joe figures can kick their asses.

eon said...

I can barely picture Thoreau climbing a mountain- but he'd demand a cook, valet, and laundry lady to go with him. (His "retreat" at Walden was well catered.)

Lenin would consider it beneath his dignity. Marx would be too busy getting drunk.

And Mao would want a sedan chair with several strapping Red Guards to carry him up the hill. And he'd need it, too.