Tuesday, 3 May 2011


"Gee, Brenda, oil shale extraction looks a lot more fun now."
Yanko Design (The DREADCO of the design world) hits the bulls-eye with the Ecotoy; the child's plaything that runs on "green" energy via built in solar panels, wind turbines and roller-powered generators.

This thing is bloody brilliant.  It's preachy, self-righteous, self-indulgent and exhibits so little interest in what the child's wants that the description doesn't bother to reveal what the toy actually does.  Put this under the Christmas tree and your budding little worshiper of Blessed Gaia will get an all-in-one lesson in how environmentalists are fatuous social engineers and hands-on experience of what a load of utter rubbish "green" energy is.  One afternoon of playing with this and they'll be designing modular thorium pebble reactors in their copybooks come tea time. 

Bravo, Yanko!

Update: I'd also recommend installing Loowatt, but I'd fear that the lesson learned about the value of proper plumbing would be outweighed by the years of therapy required to counteract improper potty training.

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eon said...

Note the Mallory Duracell batteries prominently installed in the blue one. Since they aren't rechargeable types, I can only assume they are needed to power the thing. So much for solar cells.

As for it being either towed or backpacked, little proto-eco types can now take comfort that their future roles' in the Brave New World have already been decide. The porters and beasts of burden of their oh-so-enlightened betters.