Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Solarnauts

One of our recent cinema features on EI was The Night Stalker.  Since it's a slow day, here's a bonus feature: The Solarnauts, an unaired pilot also directed by The Night Stalker's John Moxey


eon said...

The good guy leader looks as wooden as one of the Tracys (especially his hair), and the villain looks like the Mekon in Dan Dare.

Add in the inexplicable spaceship (just what propels it?), and it's a nearly perfect Gerry Anderson pastiche'.

On the plus side, the girls are cute.



jayessell said...

I was about to say I missed seeing the strings!

Remember 'Planet Patrol? ('Space Patrol' in the UK)?

The orbital city looks like the one they had!
(Down to the Monocar tubes!)

{As God is my witness, I thought Slim was a Veneusan female!}

Anyway.. I'll try to find time to watch the entire episode.

Go easy on the ship design, it makes as much sense as warp nacelles.

eon said...

Having now watched all of it, I give it a B overall. Plus extra credit for Martine Beswick in skintight silver. ;-)