Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cartoon empire

Democracy: Overrated and foolish.

How the European Empire Union would like you to see it.  Let's give the unelected and unaccountable Commission even more power.  They're so much more sensible than those silly men the silly people elect.

And a more realistic view.


Wesley said...

Apparently BH Obama learned everything he believes he knows from the people who drew the cartoon world. He certainly can't use his ample ears to hear and understand what Pat has to say, or realize it's not only an Irish/EU issue, it's a universal human issue.

Wesley said...

The preceding shows I'm obviously a little incensed about what's going on in my country. The childish cartoon (an indication of what the producers think of our mental capacity) strikes a chord - or rather a dull thud, because the Cartoon Empire is not just endorsed by the EU Parliament. It's what statists the world over believe, as they ride to our "rescue" - God help us. What Pat in his video has to say about the mentality and dictatorial behavior of the EU bosses applies to statists everywhere, as well.

The question, as Pat opines, is a valid one: Is any "leader" bold enough to step away from the cozy political trough and stand up for liberty? Or is it just too hard, too demanding and lonely, for anyone to do the right thing anymore, to be a leader who serves?