Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Protocol is for little people

Dear Lord, doesn't that man ever do his homework?

But then, he has been a tad nostalgic lately.


Chris Lopes said...

David, you are talking about a guy who gave the PM a DVD set that can't be played on a British DVD player and a gave the Queen an iPod full of his speeches. This is not a guy who cares much what the Brits (or anyone else who might be on our side) thinks. He lives very much in a world of his own making.

Wesley said...

BHO's Teleprompter had a gaff. Wait, there was no Teleprompter. He was having trouble reading his speech notes. Wait, no one told him or his speechwriter a toast is not to be a speech. But doesn't everyone know that The One is entitled to make speeches wherever he happens to be, no matter the occasion?

Oh well, BHO can always get back to telling Israel what they should do to hasten their demise at the hands of the Jihadists...

eon said...

He can't help Himself. It's all about Him, all the time.

I'm surprised He didn't follow up by trying to walk across the Thames.



Wesley said...

Eon, BHO Productions (NASDAQ: BHOP) is producing a summer blockbuster, "Dreams of My Greatest Story Ever Told", in which he does precisely that.