Sunday, 1 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden killed by US forces

Sleep well, monster.
According to the Voice of America, the White House announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead; killed by US forces operating in Pakistan.

We've been down this road before, so I'm waiting for the DNA tests.  If true, it's great news that one of the most evil men of this century has received justice and now discovers that instead of a reward of 72 virgins he stands before his Maker for final judgement.  But to keep things in perspective, he was only one head of the Jihadist hydra and hasn't been much of a player since he fled Tora Bora on a donkey.

If true, this a great victory, but it's one battle in one campaign, not the war.

Update:  Identity confirmed by DNA.  A hearty well done to the men and women of the US military.  You've earned your pay and them some today.

Update: Alleged Photo evidence.

Update: Victor Davis Hanson's take.  I agree that it's a good thing we didn't take him alive.  And about the question of whether he was hiding in plain sight.

Update: Are they mad?  Screw Islamic tradition.  This swine deserves the same respect as a cockroach.  Hold on to the body as long as we need it then wrap it in bacon, cremate it at an undisclosed location, and then secretly use the ashes as mortar to build a synagogue.

Update: An apt and uncompromising take.

Update: How ABC News described Osama Bin Room Temperature in a photo caption:
Exiled Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden is shown in Afghanistan, in this April 1998 file photo.
Dissident?  That's like calling Ebola a mild rash. And when did hiding from justice become "exile"?

Update: The analysis begins:  High risks, human intelligence, and the Peace Prize President embraces assassination.

Update: The Guantanamo connection.  I guess they weren't all innocent goat herders scooped up out of pure sadism after all.

Update: Best headline yet:

Shot in the Head Heard Round the World

Update:  The "me" factor.

Update: Worst quote of the day:
We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs.
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

Update: The"me" factor and bad timing.

Update: And this:
Any joy one might feel in the intelligence of our analysts and the bravery of our door kickers was significantly diminished by Obama’s malignant narcissism. The first part of the announcement, evoking 9/11, was vulgarly overwritten as per Obama’s view of himself as some kind of gifted orator. The adjective bloated compote was unworthy of the subject, banal and self-indulgent.

Update: Some people aren't happy.

Update: Protected by Pakistan?

Update:  Osama Bin And Gone died hiding behind a woman.  Not surprised.

Update: Trap or haven: Which side is Pakistan on?

Update: Something very Roman, though I'm not sure the MSM double standard is.

Update:  It's not "Who is the enemy", but "Who is our enemy's enemy"?

Update:  Apparently, the use of special forces was Mr Barack Hussein Obama's idea:

If so, my opinion of the man just rose a notch.

Update: Death of the Caliphate fantasy?  I doubt it, but one can hope.

Update: Speculation.

Update: Time for a shave.


Ironmistress said...

/bin/laden > /dev/null

Ironmistress said...

Here a longer version of the same.

Ironmistress said...

The corpse has been buried at sea with an Islamic rite.

Perhaps that is the way of the least nuisance. A cold, unemotional, Autistic way on disposing the corpse, without outright insulting the enemy but humiliating him for good.

The hydrophobia of the Muslims is well known, and burial at sea, while customary to Christians, is something to be abhorred.

Id said...

Almost, Fox.

Good news, though.

eon said...

Bravo Zulu to the troops who got him, and the intelligence personnel who pointed the way.

Now, we wait, and watch, to see what his cohorts do next.

Of course, if they cut up rough, we have more ammunition.



Sergej said...

Synagogue? Ewww. Use the ashes as a feed supplement for swine. Seems unfair to the poor porkers, though.

Fruitbat44 said...

Slotted the bastard! Well done to the uS Team which took him down.

K2KDA said...

"... then wrap it in bacon...secretly use the ashes as mortar to build a synagogue."

This is really insult to both Muslims and Jews.

You've let the corruption that was Osama Bin Laden seep into your soul and create revenge fantasies.

Evil guy sent back to maker, nuff said.

David said...

K2KDA, The state of my soul is, as with all men, a matter between my Creator and myself. I'll forward your opinion to Him.

As for insults, any Muslim (or adherents of any other faith) who supports the goals of that monster deserves insulting. Those who do not, should merely disown him.

As to the Jews, I don't know your faith, but unless you are of the Hebrew persuasion, please let them speak for themselves and you for yourself. This house does not recognise the PC non-existent "right" to be offended on the behalf of third parties.

Re ashes: I'm willing to entertain alternative destinations so long as they have a better chance of getting a Jihadist's head to explode. Incorporated into the ceramic of a urinal seems promising.

K2KDA said...

1) I generally like reading your blogs and considering your views, but my own conscience would not let be an idle consumer on this one.

2) I don't think you have to be adherent of a faith, to have an understanding of what may be insulting to them.

3) I have the hereditary and functional credentials to feel an offence directly, my family, my congregation, and to my community. It won't stop me from continuing to be a reader or offering you a pint if we ever met. But I will speak up. The antidote to PC is a conversation.

4) I for one would never consider building a house of workshop out of the ashes of anyone, even our enemies. Enough people of all kinds turn were turned involuntary into ashes since time began. The crematoriums of WWII are no different that the 9/11 attacks in that fashion.

5) My basic hope at this point is that the misguided followers and encouragers of Osama Bin Laden will take this moment and consider turning away from evil. The ones who won't should not rest peacefully at night.

6) Yes, I have my own thoughts of revenge. My own soul is not yet strong enough to drive them away.

Best regards - K2KDA

Sergej said...

K2KDA: in my opinion, the thought of incorporating Mr. bin Laden's remains into religious architecture was a false step. Churches incorporate the tombs of important people and the relics of saints; a synagogue where I used to worship held bricks from a concentration camp building. No place for these vile ashes. I attribute the thought to the euphoria of victory.

But I'm too much an old Cossack not to have a low opinion of this devil even after he's gone to his eternal reward. I could go with Mr. Szondy's second suggestion, with the indoor plumbing.

David said...

K2KDA: The synagogue suggestion was an exercise in hyperbole and not meant to be taken seriously. I should have made that clear.

The point was not to use OBL's clay to plug a bung hole, it was that his remains don't deserve any respect. He, like all pirates, was an enemy of all mankind who forsook any claim to any rights. His was a classic example of civic death. In more civilised times, his body would have been quartered and his head placed on a spike above the city gates as a warning to any who thought to emulate him. That, however, isn't even a practical consideration now, so simple disposal is the only alternative–preferably in a manner that shows OBL the least respect possible.

Bury him at sea, by all means, but don't wash his corpse and follow Muslim rituals. Sew him up in a perforated sack, weight the feet, and toss him over the side with as little ceremony as you would dumping the gash from the galley. Better yet, dump him with the gash. If his coreligionist object, look them straight in the eye and tell them very quietly to think very carefully before they claim kinship with such a monster.

This is not revenge. It is justice mixed with calculated humiliation of the enemy to achieve a goal. I do not and never have desired revenge against the Jihadists. What I desire is to defeat and disgrace them to the point where they are objects of derision among their own people and that they soil themselves at the thought of trying to do us harm ever again. If the Jihadists turn away from evil, that's a bonus, but I'll settle for them being terrified of us.

Regarding that pint, I will gladly accept it on the condition that I get the next round.