Monday, 23 April 2012

Bear truth

While the attention of the American nation is fixed on new developments in Dogate (what is Mr Barack Hussein Obama's favourite breed and dipping sauce?), I prefer to focus on some local developments, such as the governor of Vermont caught running across the lawn stark naked and clutching a bird feeder with four black bears in pursuit.

The public has a right to know.


Sergej said...

Hey, I've seen many jackasses in my time, but I believe that this is the first dog-eating jackass I've encountered. Asinus canivorus. It is possibly an entirely new species. Natural curiosity demands that I learn all the facts.

As for bears... as with rats, cockroaches and Minnesota mosquitoes, any amount of bear that one encounters while unarmed and pinkly unarmored is too much bear. Exiting pursued by one (or four) and living to tell the tale, isn't the worst way for the story to end.

eon said...


Agreed. Tackling Ma Bruin and her brood unarmed is bad enough, but then running from same with the "pic-a-nic basket" in tow makes me question Hizzoner's sanity. Never mind doing it au'naturel.

My definition of confronting Ol' Ephraim's better half starts with a 6.5x55 Mauser loaded with 156-grain PowerPoint Federals- from at least 75 meters. Closer than that, a 12-gauge 3" Magnum loaded with Brenneke slugs.

In the Guv's situation, I'd have stayed in the house and kept the ordnance handy in case Mama got curious about the windows after finishing off the birdseed. Going out and yelling at her? Uhh, no.

I've read that "advice" over and over again in P.C. hiker manuals. Most of which include screeds on the immorality of even owning a firearm, much less taking it with you in the Great Nurturing Outdoors.

Myself, I never made a move in the deep woods without a full-on rifle. The lightest being a .30-30 WCF.

If Vermonters have a black bear problem in their back yards, they might want to consider the circumstances- and attitudes- that have caused these beasts to lose the fear of man they acquired over the years of "politically incorrect" behavior on the part of our fore"bears".