Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The logic of hysteria

Lord Summerisle vs Aristotle
Lord Christopher Monckton looks at the worshipers of Blessed Gaia and shows how they've sacrificed reason at the "green" alter.

Who needs logic when you have a wicker man?

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eon said...

77 climatologists constitute a "consensus"?

Dr. Fred Singer has about 15,000 signatures of climatologists, meteorologists, etc., who agree with him that the AGW theory does not stand up to impartial scientific scrutiny. Many of whom are ex-employees of the IPCC, East Anglia, NOAA, & etc., who quit or were fired when they protested that the data they collected and processed was being ignored, or outright falsified, to support IPCC's "give us total control now" position.

Now, what was that about a "consensus" again?