Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Eaten any Kobe beef in the US in the past couple of years?

No, you haven't.


Keira said...

Nice work, I am really glad to be 1 of several visitants on this awful site : D

eon said...

So, The One was bragging about paying large amounts of money for something that wasn't even what he thought it was?

Oh, right. That's SOP with this administration. My mistake.

Still, it makes me glad that I just buy ground beef or store-brand strips at Kroger's. Simpler and cheaper all around.



Chris Lopes said...

I think it's more a matter of showing the little people that you can pay more for your steak dinner than they spend on groceries in a week. That elite "aren't I special" feeling is well worth the price, even if you are only really getting the same cow meat as everyone else. Kinda like the guy who spends $5,000 on a call girl. Sure he could get pretty much the same thing with a little charm and some drinks at a club, but the call girl makes him feel like James Bond.

Anonymous said...

Drunk Budweiser lately?

I am pretty sure that stuff has never even heard of town of Budweis, Czech Republic.