Thursday, 26 April 2012


Wine that comes packaged in stacked, bulbous, plastic cocktail glasses.

And so it is that civilisation crumbles one pebble at a time


eon said...

Somebody has watched one too many 1960s Italian space operas.

I'd expect a gadget like this to show up in a movie starring Gianni Russo and directed by Antonio Margheriti.

On the plus side, that would probably mean it would be Luciana Paluzzi sipping vino out of one while wearing a skintight silver catsuit, and she's always welcome.



Sergej said...

If you ask me, the slippery slope was back when they stopped shipping the stuff in amphorae. Everything since has been steady decline.

But hey, portable wine! There are days at the office when I could use me a juice box of the stuff. Well, pretty much all the days, actually.

Anonymous said...

At least that isn't carton packed.