Friday, 1 July 2011


Nuovo:  The personal isolation capsule that give you the solitude you need for quality reading time.

Personally, I prefer the Mark I.


Ironmistress said...

I sincerely wish Nuovo had been available when I was a teenager.

Add therein good classical music, and you get a Hermione Granger's paradise.

"Nuovo" = "new" in Italian; "uovo" = "egg".

Anonymous said...

I have the larger, low tech version...
A Library.
Nice leather chair, desk and reading light. A true sanctuary, especially as I keep the Scotch in there too!

eon said...

Right. Just what I need - a giant egg taking up the middle of my living room.

Since it's apparently Italian, I have a request. I want the designer to put one in a house in Naples, and be sitting in it when Etna hiccups.

I'll be sure to have the EMTs standing by, to take him to the ER to be treated for concussion, etc., when the books decide to bomb him.



Ironmistress said...

Eon, think it as an intellectual Orgasmatron.