Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Call my bluff

If you're bluffing, it's usually wise not to tell your opponent that.

It's even wiser not to then dare him to call it.


Sergej said...

Barry Husseinovich seems to have his own version of the English language, which must be penetrated if his speech is to be understood. Sounds like what he meant was, don't make me invoke the "or else" clause. In this case, it's the same "or else" he held over the heads of the corporate types, with whom he had a nice Chicago-style sit-down a few months ago---"I'm the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks". Apparently, Husseinovich, ever the internationalist, remembers that today is Bastille Day, and imagines that the entire country is going to go froggie if it doesn't get its government handout.

Sergej said...
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Sergej said...

(Sorry, Firefox acting up, posted an extra copy.)

eon said...


(Been there, done that. ;-))

What The One forgets (or more likely just never learned) is that the pitchforks were being waved by those like himself, the radicals, and were aimed at whoever was on top of the heap. It wasn't the Chamber of Deputies who ended up in the tumbrel, it was the King.

As for the Bastille, the crowd sat outside for two days until the CO ran up a white flag and surrendered the powder store, which was what they were after.

The "Marseillaise" of today isn't interested in a Terror- that's what Obama and his cronies dream of inflicting on everybody else. Our modern-day "revolutionaries" mostly want Obama to stop spending money we don't have on "programs" only he and his cronies want. (I am not aware of any popular "constituency" for studying the sex lives of yeast.) That's a little different that people demanding bread.