Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Put the pipe down, Steve.

Mr Stephen Marche over at Esquire makes the best case ever against legalising drugs.


Sergej said...

I'm feeling a bit dense this evening. Was this intended to be parody?

David said...

I have no idea. The MSM's sycophancy to The One is already so far gone that I'm not sure if it's possible to parody it anymore.

eon said...

David & Sergej;

No, in Esquire it's serious. They have a fawning worship of Obama that borders on the last Tsar's relationship with Rasputin. It just looks like parody to someone capable of actual thought.

Here we see a perfect illustration of The One's appeal to the left. He is simultaneously their Messiah, the father they always wanted (who indulged them and beat up the neighbor when they broke his window), their big brother, little brother, court jester, liar, knave, fool, and guru.

It isn't that he's a "blank slate"- it's that he really is all these things at once, due to his ability to bulls**t anybody and everybody 24/7/365.

As for Steve, three-bong-hit "philosophers" like him are why I stopped reading Esquire a long time ago.

Obama is another such "philosopher", with the additional problem of egotistical narcissism- he genuinely believes he deserves to be worshiped. And gets cranky when he encounters someone who disagrees.

Between the two, we have a crystalline proof of Fredrick the Great of Prussia's axiom;

"Whenever I want to punish a province which has been a problem, I send a philosopher to govern them for a while."



Neil A Russell said...

I just love these stories at TheOnion.com

When did they change the name to "Esquire"?