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The U-2 spy plane was first constructed at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works in 1955 and went on to become one of the most important intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft of the Cold War. It is one of the few aircraft of its vintage still in active service with the US Air Force, but Lockheed has now unveiled details of its possible successor. Designated the TR-X, the concept aircraft is an improved, stealthier version of the 60-year-old design and could enter service in 10 years.

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US Air Force
Lockheed Martin

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In a statement on the company's blog, Blue Origins founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced today that Cape Canaveral has been selected as the launch site for its orbital launch vehicle... Continue Reading Blue Origin to launch from Florida

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Boeing has announced that the first satellite with all-electric propulsion is now fully operational. Launched last March, the ABS-3A 702SP (small platform) satellite was formally handed over to its owner, Bermuda-based telecommunications company ABS, on August 31. It will provide communications services to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa... Continue Reading World's first all-electric propulsion satellite goes on line

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Helicopters are versatile machines capable of all manner of maneuvers in the air, but when it comes to takeoffs and landings they are very fussy creatures, preferring flat, level pads, which are scarce in combat and rescue missions. DARPA recently demonstrated a new robotic landing gear system in an unmanned flight near Atlanta, Georgia, that's designed to overcome these limitations by enabling landings on broken or uneven terrain with a high degree of safety... Continue Reading DARPA demonstrates robotic landing gear for helicopters

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Jellyfish would probably rank just ahead of bonsai trees when it comes to calming things to have around the home. Unfortunately, tanks for keeping jellyfish in a home are a bit tricky. Belgium's Darwin Sect design house has made a foray onto the field with the Darwin Tank jellyfish aquarium – a high-tech habitat with a touch of old-world charm thrown in... Continue Reading Darwin Tank: The jellyfish aquarium as objet d'art

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Last year, SpaceX unveiled its Crew Dragon, which is scheduled to begin ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2017. Now the company is giving the public a look at the interior. Sporting a minimalist design, it's intended to not only provide safety, but a considerable degree of comfort... Continue Reading SpaceX shows off Crew Dragon interior

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NASA scientists have discovered that one of Saturn's moons, Enceladus, may have a global ocean locked deep beneath its icy surface. Based on years of analysis of images taken by the unmanned Cassini probe, measurements of the moon's rotation indicate a slight wobble that's similar in nature to that which occurs when trying to spin a raw egg... Continue Reading Cassini probe uncovers evidence of global ocean on Enceladus

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In 2013, Jaguar took the wraps of its C-X17 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, at the same venue, the same design team has turned that concept into the Jaguar 2017 F-Pace. Combining the sportscar performance of a traditional Jaguar with more room and family-friendly features, the luxury five-seater SUV derived from the F-Type launched not only into the showrooms, but into the Guinness Book of Records... Continue Reading Concept becomes reality: The technology-packed Jaguar F-Pace

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015
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Remote controlled cars make for some great small-scale demolition derbies, but unless there's a second person to play with, the game gets dull real fast. At this year's London Toy Fair, WowWee unveiled its Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (REV), robotic race cars that allow players to battle against one another or against an AI opponent. We recently charged up a pair, launched the control app, and let the mayhem begin... Continue Reading Review: Smartphone-controlled racing with Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

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Remote Control
Artificial Intelligence
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