Sunday, 22 July 2012

Raytheon developing missile-ramming Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle

If you visit the Blue & Gray Museum in Decatur, Alabama, you’ll see a remarkable curiosity – two bullets that collided in midair during a battle in the American Civil War. What does this have to do with ballistic missile defense in the 21st century? Everything, because that's exactly what the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) being developed as part of the American Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) missile defense system is intended to do – destroy high-speed ballistic missile warheads in flight by hitting them head on. .. Continue ReadingRaytheon developing missile-ramming Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle

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Carl Sagan said...

I'm sorry, David, this is just crazy talk. I was informed by expert Democratic politicians and celebrities back in the 1980s that it is physically impossible to intercept a missile. It violates all the laws of God and man. To do final guidance you would need a computer tiny enough to fit in the warhead, yet capable of performing hundreds of calculations a second! And since no such thing can ever exist, missile defense is impossible and Ronald Reagan is mad to suggest it. The only way to defend the country against nuclear attack is unilateral disarmament.