Monday, 23 January 2012

Inventions that Changed the World: The Jet


Ironmistress said...

And even more so, the turbine.

All steamships today, be they coal-, oil- or nuclear powered, like aircraft carriers or nuclear submarines, use steam turbines. Each and every thermoelectric power plant - whether using fission, fusion or fossil - run their generators on steam turbines. Hydroelectric generators run on water turbines.

Jet engine is merely an offshoot of the turbine. Turbine itself has been even more revolutionary than jet engine.

Cthel said...


With the exception of Ram/Scramjets, obviously.

Back to the point, it also pays to remember the indirect benefits of turbines, such as the advances in precision manufacture and metallurgy brought about by the development of turbines.

If they can get the ceramic turbines to work (either with or without recuperators) that could be another set of benefits.

jayessell said...

6 part YouTube about jet planes

Key frame shows a train at a train station