Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Avengers, assemble... My desk!

It's a shame that I meet most of my editors and clients in phone and Skype conferences because I would really like to be sitting behind this desk when visitors come calling.

There's even a Nick Fury needle gun in easy reach if the meeting gets a bit dodgy.


eon said...

You can have the desk, all I want is the pistol and a crate of ammunition for it.

But neoprene grips, please. I had an Iver Johnson .32 with mother-of-pearl grips once, and "fragile" doesn't begin to describe those wretched things.



Sergej said...

Skype has possibilities, in the form of hanging appropriate pictures behind your chair, in view of the camera. Want to appear to be teleconferencing from your mountaintop ski chalet, or your orbiting or underwater lair? No problem!

Walnut grips for me, eon. Only modification I made to my 1911. Stock rubber grips felt too... rubbery.