Thursday, 23 June 2016

Britain is FREE!


Forty three years after the duplicitous Ted Heath conned Britain into joining the European Economic Community under the lie that it was a free-trade zone and decades after that "community" morphed into the rotten edifice of the EU, Britain is now free. Or, at least, it has the chance to be free. Given that the self-serving swine that backed Remain are also the ones holding the reins of power, I would heartily recommend that they be watched closely so they don't find ways to drag their feet or even ignore the result.

Once everyone sobers up in the morning and downs an Alka Seltzer, those who backed Leave should form Free Briton Brigades to assemble outside Parliament and Downing Street with ample supplies of tar and feathers along with large stacks of rails to remind those inside of what the alternative is to obeying the will of the people and that being thrown off Westminster Bridge means a very unpleasant swim.

And to our brothers on the Continent: Come on in, the water's lovely!

In the meantime, God save the Queen.

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