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Camera-carrying hobby drones are now large and sophisticated enough to allow anyone to take stills and videos that once would have required a helicopter. Unfortunately, that capability is marred when the drone's landing gear keeps getting in the way or when getting that video of a mountain glen means trekking in with an unwieldy flying machine.Yuneec International's Typhoon H hexacopter frees up the camera with retractable landing gear, plus it has a folding design that makes the craft backpackable.

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CES 2016

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Chemistry textbooks are in need of a rewrite with the addition of four new elements to the Periodic Table. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has confirmed the existence of four new elements with the atomic numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118, which were discovered by laboratories in Japan, the United States, and Russia. This bumper group of new elements completes the 7th row of the Periodic Table and clears the way for the discoverers to start thinking up names for them... Continue Reading Four new elements confirmed

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
new element
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What may either be a UFO or the latest take on high-performance electric automotive technology has landed at CES in Las Vegas, with Faraday Future unveiling its single-seater FFZERO1 Concept vehicle. Billed as a test-bed for the company's future range of electric vehicles, the track car incorporates a new chassis design and claims to have a "sixth sense" that adapts to the driver's intentions and needs while providing real-time data and images.
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Faraday Future
CES 2016
Concept Vehicle
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This year is shaping up as a bumper year in space with new missions ready to launch, deep space missions wrapping up, and commercial space going heavy. It's a year when spacecraft ditch on comets, rendezvous with asteroids, lift off for Mars, and arrive at Jupiter. It's also a year when rockets get bigger, space planes roll out, and winds get tracked. To get the lowdown on the highlights, here's a looks at where space exploration is taking us in 2016... Continue Reading Where space exploration is taking us in 2016

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Virgin Galactic
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If one is going to get into the asteroid mining business, one needs to prove that you can do something with what's brought back. That seems to be the thinking behind Planetary Resources' presentation today at CES in Las Vegas, where the asteroid mining company unveiled the first object 3D printed using extraterrestrial materials... Continue Reading Planetary Resources reveals out-of-this world 3D printing

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Planetary Resources
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Time is running out for ESA's Philae comet lander. According to the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the unmanned spacecraft last heard from on July 9, 2015 will face a "lander hostile" situation by the end of January as Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko moves farther away from the Sun. Despite this, mission control is making a last-ditch effort to revive the lander... Continue Reading Time running out for Philae

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Now that SpaceX has managed to land a space rocket at Cape Canaveral, the company is taking another shot at landing on a barge. NBC News says that SpaceX has confirmed a report tweeted today by space journalist Charles Lurio stating that SpaceX will attempt to land a Falcon 9 booster on a drone barge in the Pacific Ocean as part of the Jason 3 mission launch on January 17... Continue Reading SpaceX to try another Falcon 9 sea-barge landing

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Researchers at McGill University's Department of Chemistry have created what may be the world's smallest "printing press." Using synthetic DNA as a kind of scaffold, the scientists manipulated gold nanoparticles a millionth of an inch in diameter to form orderly structures that could have great scientific, engineering, and medical potential... Continue Reading Minute "printing press" gets gold nanoparticles organized

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McGill University
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Security cameras can provide homeowners with a certain peace of mind and plug-and-play technology has made them easier to install, but a static camera is often difficult to site and has frustrating blind spots. Foscam's R2 wireless interior camera provides more flexibility with a motorized pan-and-tilt mount that can swivel to take in an entire area. We got hold of one along with the company's FI9900P outdoor camera to see what we could see... Continue Reading Review: Foscam's pan-and-tilt R2 security camera fills the blind spots

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