Friday, 28 February 2014

SPARCS "camera grenade" offers an alternative to reconnaissance drones

Imagine a scenario where an earthquake brings down an industrial complex, trapping the survivors inside and as the disaster response team arrives, they unpack a grenade launcher and start lobbing rounds into the air. This may seem like madness, but there’s method in it. In this hypothetical case, the grenades are part of the Soldier Parachute Aerial Reconnaissance Camera System (SPARCS) built by Singapore-based ST Engineering. Instead of a warhead, each 40 mm grenade round has a CMOS camera sending back real-time images to a computerized receiver; turning disaster teams, police, and foot soldiers into recon units... Continue Reading SPARCS "camera grenade" offers an alternative to reconnaissance drones

Section: Military

Tags: Drone, Grenades, Reconnaissance, Singapore, ST Engineering

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