Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Radical design proposals floated for new Penn Station

Like many US railway stations, New York’s Penn Station is a shadow of its former self. With redevelopment of the station hindered by its location under Madison Square Garden, the Municipal Art Society (MAS) of New York hopes to relocate the Garden and rebuild the station for the 21st century. Last week, the MAS announced four possible designs for Penn Station and Madison Square Garden as part of its Design Challenge aimed at replacing or remodelling the current structure... Continue Reading Radical design proposals floated for new Penn Station

Section: Architecture

Tags: Architects, DS R, H3 Design, New York, SHoP Architects, SOM, Transport

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1 comment:

eon said...

I'm not sure which one I like best, but I notice the strong classical elements in the SOM, H3D, and SHoP proposals. SOM's "skylight park" looks like the Athenian Panopticon from the top, to cite only one example.

The D & R proposals interior looks like a California shopping mall. Not that that's a bad thing. The ticker board in the floor is straight out of an SF movie. (Holo display?)

I'm all in favor of the proposals putting the New MSG on the waterfront. Great way to alleviate part of the footprint problems any of these will inevitably have.

I also notice that exactly none of these has a "high-rise" main section, and only the SOM has any major high-rise elements at all. So apparently somebody learned their lesson from WTC.