Wednesday, 13 March 2013

R.I.P. RSS? Google to shut down Google Reader

R.I.P. RSS? Google to shut down Google Reader:
Google announced that it's shuttering the Google Reader RSS service on July 1 (tombstone i...
For well over a decade, Rich Site Summary (RSS) has been one of the easiest ways to keep track of your favorite websites. The most popular RSS service – by a longshot – has been Google Reader. But as people turn more to social networks and content-curating apps like Flipboard for news, RSS has become an endangered species. On July 1, Google will accelerate its extinction by putting the nail in Reader’s coffin... Continue Reading R.I.P. RSS? Google to shut down Google Reader

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1 comment:

eon said...

Oh, so that's what that little orange thingy is.

Since I've never used it, I doubt I'll miss it.

The article states that Google is retiring it due to low user traffic. My guess is that most users, like me, never knew what it was to begin with.

Hint to Google; we can't RT*M if you don't have one to begin with.