Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fact checking

From the AP:
A global video gaming company that funded a search for dozens of World War II-era British fighter jets in Myanmar says none of the legendary planes are buried in the Southeast Asian country.
Aviation enthusiasts hunting for the lost planes believe as many as 140 Spitfires were hidden in crates in pristine condition in three Myanmar locations.
Spitfires are fighter jets?  Another perfect example of why only professional journalists should report the news.

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eon said...

The same goes for politicians. I think it was the movie "Where The Bullets Fly" in which the PM, viewing Britain's first nuclear-powered aircraft, said, "It's marvelous how you've gotten all that into this Comet".

To which the Chief of Air Staff quietly replied, "Sir, umm, it's a Dakota".

And I just realized that here, I'm probably talking to some of the very few people who still remember what a Dakota was. Ditto a Skytrain.