Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'm back

It's been, what?  Four months since I've done a personal entry on this blog?  Oh, dear.

For those of you who are new to Ephemeral Isle and think that it's just a feeder for Gizmag, welcome.  I am David Szondy, your host.  Up until July of this year, I spent a lot of time posting rants on this and three other blogs in hopes of building traffic for my freelance writing business.  That didn't work as planned and I had to do some retrenching as I went back to journalism.  Just call me the Carl Kolchak of the Internet.

Anyway, what's up?  As you can see from the webcam shot, this is not the office at Chez Szondy.  This isn't even Chez Szondy.  That's gone, I'm afraid.  This is the living room/office in my new flat some fifty miles north of where Chez Szondy was.  It's "efficient", which means that it's small.  I've had to give away a ridiculous amount of stuff and my two acres of wood and garden have been reduced to a strawberry pot on the patio.  The good news is that I live on the edge of town, so the view is still suitably rustic.

I still have the dogs, which is good because I can do with the company.  Why?  Good question.  Fact is, the wife left me and I lost Chez Szondy because I couldn't manage it on my own.  Now I live in a small town in northern Washington where my wife moved to and I have followed so that I can be near my daughter and preserve some sort of family life.

It's not bad.  The money situation is good, the work is steady and interesting, I have a new town to explore and I get a lot of exercise walking the dogs.  It's a new start and Lord knows I've started over enough times in my life.  Another one won't be that hard.

I won't be going back to the old posting schedule.  There's too much work to do and writing to relax from writing is too much of a bus man's holiday, but as the man said, I rant, therefore I am.  So, I'll rant occasionally.

Probably about bread or something.


Bryan said...

Good to have you back, David! I liked your Gizmag stuff, but I missed the cranky old Tory David, especially after the last couple of weeks.

Fruitbat44 said...

Good to see you back David.

I won't say I've missed your rants, though God knows there is enough to rant about, and while I didn't always aree with your POV, by golly there were times I did! But I did miss the quirky stuff which often cropped up on the blog and your rants were often entertaining.

I am very glad to hear that you're doing well. Good luck with your new start.

Jason said...

I, too, am glad to have you back. Good rants are always welcome:-).

Sergej said...

Good to have you back! By all means, feel free to rant!